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Panty Shields $49.50
o.b. Tampons $49.50
Ibuprofen $44.95
Max Strength Non-Aspirin $45.95
Love Drops $31.50
Lifestyle Ribbed Lubricated $32.50
Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive Lubricated $32.50
Lifestyle Flavors $32.50
Lifestyle Studded $32.50
Arouse (ribbed, pre- shape) $29.50
Savage Bliss (ribbed lubricated) $29.50
Bikini (slimmer condom) $29.50
Tastefully Yours (flavored) $29.50
Evening Magic (colors) $29.50

Add $5.00 for less than 12-1/2 gross (i.e. case)

Products sold by the gross, with 144 units per gross

Prices subject to change without notice.

To order call: (970) 241-9206